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Stop wasting money on features users; don't need, don't want, and don't even ask for.

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Flexible. Fractional. Familiar.

Onshore tech talent backed by nearshore engineering agility

Our US, UK, and Candian based team is curated from the best product and technical minds. Powered by onshore convenience and nearshore technical agility, we build innovative products and adaptive teams that make an impact.

Lolly services operate on a subscription and fractional basis so you're guaranteed to be able to pull together the team you need at short notice. The roster of resources available are made up of front-end developers, backend-developers, full-stack developers, DevOps Engineers, UI/UX designers, QA testers, and project managers - everything you need to build an incredible product.


We Build Products & Dev Teams

We don't just build tech products, we also build teams. Our clients get to take advantage of our extensive knowledge in running development teams and shipping technology products at scale as we actively encourage our clients to hire their own developers adding them to the mix of resource we're providing.

To us the most successful engagement ends when a client no longer needs our help and has all of the tools they need to run and operate their own development team with confidence.

Service Offering

Two Ways Of Working

From startups to Fortune 500 companies, our hybrid model provides the flexibility to augment your existing talent or leverage our teams, playbooks, and processes for a fully-managed solution.

Partnership Teams

Our Partnership Team model offers fully built squads that are managed using Lolly Dev Studio's playbooks and processes for clients that want a fully managed solution.

Embedded Teams

Our Embedded Team model offers custom built Lolly Dev Studio squads that integrate with your teams for clients who want to augment their existing talent.

Service Offering

Incredible Results

From startups to Fortune 500 companies, our hybrid development model provides the flexibility to augment your existing talent or leverage our teams, playbooks, and processes for a fully-managed solution.

World Class Client Experience

Relationships are the heart of Lolly Dev Studio's client experience. We have a team of dedicated consultants and project managers that streamline communication and help you navigate your engagement with clarity and ease.

Flexible & Scaleable Squads

Our on-demand talent and flexible service models mean faster builds for less, with an adjustable team size based on your needs. Need a DevOps Monday AM? Done. We can deploy resources in as little as 48 hours.

Transformative Playbooks

We don't believe in gatekeeping. When you partner with Lolly Dev Studio, you get full access to our library of playbooks to inspire and inform your technical initiatives. Client education is at the heart of our service.

Product-Orientated Processees

Product comes first at Lolly Dev Studio. This means we work with you to define the business needs, not wants. Together we build the roadmap and keep executing against it throughout design, development, and beyond.

Innovative Engineering

Our wide-ranging team of experienced engineers practice cutting edge techniques to develop intelligent infrastructures that scale with time.

Intuitive Design

Our curated design approach blends UX/UI best practices with thoughtful visual elements that create beautiful, simple, and seamless digital experiences.

Multi-Disciplined Expertise

Our Digital Services

We possess access to some of the best talent available in the market and as such our services can cover almost any development project you have.

Design Sprint Workshops

Website Development

App Development

Software Development

DevOps Engineering


UI/UX Design

Salesforce Development

Quality Assurance

Web App Development

E-commerce Development

Blockchain & Web3

Can't see what you're looking for? We likely handle it - just ask.
How We Do It

Our Proven Approach

Carefully developed, expertly executed, BaaS is custom created to purposefully build software and technology experiences. Explore the ingredients to every successful build.


Diverse teams with a relentless dedication to technology building, our people are hyper focused on the craft. And just as important, they have the skill, passion, and talent to engage clients and colleagues alike in the work they love.

Our Methodology

Digital products built better

Thousands of projects delivered for our clients have taught us that truly great technology products are a seamless blend of four interconnected, interdependent elements.

Ideate & Design

The Process

Experts in design sprints, ideation and UI/UIX design Lolly Dev Studio help you define a solid plan before we call in the troops.

Sprint & Develop

The Process

With a plan in hand our crack team of development and engineering mercenaries get to work bringing your vision to life.

Feedback & Testing

The Process

When finalised and shipped our product managers work with you to gather inteligent feedback to plan your next move.

Refine & Adjust

The Process

With a feedback loop in place fast continuos delivery ensures that you're shipping updates that your users will use and love.


Thinkers. Doers. Builders.

We're passionate about technology, compelled by its potential as we help create the digital products, experiences, and technology-driven organizations that drive true change.

Lolly Dev Studio is from Lolly, the purpose-led, robotic process automation company. Together, Lolly Dev Studio and Lolly can provide end-to-end solutions for our clients, wherever they may be on their journey. From early-stage strategy and technology wayfinding to digital product creation and workforce modernization, we've helped thousands of organizations transform to become relevant in the digital economy, helping our clients realize their vision and drive successful outcomes.

Stop burning c$sh on uneeded features

Join a FREE 1 hour scoping workshop to get a clearer picture of the wish list, want list, and priories for your app or software development project.